Kate Snow

Kate Snow is a popular beautiful face associated with the NBC News and we often see her delivering daily updates on the same platform in her unique and convincing style. She is basically one of the national correspondents and acts as a solid contributor towards all the prominent mediums of NBC which include the below mentioned ones

·  Dateline NBC

·  The Today Show

·  Weekend Today

·  NBC Nightly News

 In addition to this, she has many other successful shows to her name. Snow has a great fan following and you have to admit that this intelligent lady knows how to capture the interest of people and at the same time she is very much familiar of the ways, which can win the interest of masses. Before becoming a part of NBC News she also appeared as co-anchor for show Good Morning America on the channel ABC. Not only this, Snow was also associated with Rock Center with Brain Williams.

Career highlights In the year 2003 Snow started as the White House reporter of the show Good Morning America, which used to air on ABC. She had working expedience for NPR as well as RBC radio and was also associated with CNN from 1998 to 2003 and KOAT from 1995 to 1998. She was a prominent figure for ABC News during the 2008 Presidential Race and was usually seen following Hillary Clinton at different events. Snow has also delivered in the form of member of Advisory Council of Department of Communication at the Cornell University also she was a member of the national board associated with Big Brothers of America. In the year 2010 she became associated with NBC News in the form of Dateline NBC’s Correspondents and presently we see her as an anchor on the Channel at different shows. She has achieved a lot in her career with hard work and dedication and is praised for her intelligent and looks.

Personal life Snow is an active woman who knows how to maintain balance between private and professional lives. She is married and a loving mother of two children, but this doesn’t stops her from enjoying a wonderful career as a journalist so you can say that she is a perfect example of the modern day woman. Her dedication towards her work shows her passion for her field and can be counted as the main reason behind her success. She was in 1969 at Maine and major part of her early childhood was passed inside Burnt Hills, New York and Saratoga. In the year 1991 she graduated from the much known Cornell University and her major was communication. She was also one of the members of the Kappa Alpha Theta. She is also holder of Masters Degree in the foreign services from Georgetown University. She has complete command over her subjects and we see how she uses her knowledge in a wise manner. She belongs to a respected and well known family as her father Dean R. Snow was a professor at the Pennsylvania State University.


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