Kelly Evans

America is a very prominent country of this world, which always stays in the attention of masses and journalists not only from different parts of earth, but also from America never fails in finding something interesting and intriguing. When we specifically talk about American Journalists, then there is a never ending list which includes some well known faces and names also most of them are seen regularly on different news channels delivering the important updates related with recent developments. However, there are some names, which command special respect because they have earned places in the heart of audiences and Kelly Evans is one such face. She is a popular American journalist who is associated with CNBC news and we see her in the form of co-anchor at Closing Bell.

Before joining CNBC 

Evans was associated in the form of an economic reporter with Wall Street Journal where she wrote columns and acted as host for the News Hub. However, she was well known even before becoming a part of CNBC and was seen in a number of TV news shows as guest. Her style of news discussion and amazing personality are the main reason present behind her success and most important point is that she knows the art of capturing the interests of audiences in a convincing fashion.

Early life 

 She was born in the beautiful Hartford, but major part of her childhood was passed in Lexington Virginia. In the Rockbridge Country School she got 8 letters in track, lacrosse and cross country. She was an excellent student and this is evident from the fact that she was the recipient of George Washington Honor Scholar and this shows that she knows how to perform and deliver even in the most demanding situations. She is a graduate of popular Washington & Lee University. Not only this, she was a strong athlete and also acted as co-captain of the lacrosse team. These details related with Evans show that she is a wonderful modern woman who is an all rounder. Apart from her charming personality there is also her intelligence, which has contributed a lot in the success of this popular journalist.


If we put a look at the career of this wonderful lady, then it will become apparent she started at Wall Street Journal in the year 2007 and was responsible for providing coverage to economics and real estate. As a reporter she has also rendered services for Global Economic bureau. The 2012 Republican Primary debate which was organized at the Myrtle Beach witnessed Evans in the form of a moderator and she was very good. Not only this, we also see her moderate the debate between Ann Coulter and James Carville, which is very much famous. Interesting point to mention here is that comparisons are made between Erin Burnett and Kelly Evans by many, but you simply can’t find the winner because both and extremely talented and capable. In the end it can be said that Evans is a hard worker and is getting the part of success which she deserves. 


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