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Kim Porter is an African-American print model. In her early years, she maintained this print model personality more than that of an actress. But she eventually took acting to a higher notch thereafter. Her major appearance that gave her wide TV recognition was in The System Within, a psychological thriller by Dale Resteghini. It featured the personal betrayals that normally befall male models (In this case Tariq Alexander). I the mid 2000s, Kim Porter was rapper Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ frequent companion. Their relationship has not been a smooth one. On and off most of the time, but they have children together.

Relationship with Sean Combs

Porter was born in Columbus. She then relocated to Georgia in order to pursue her modeling career. She managed to stay in Atlanta and worked on this career before trying out her hand in acting. It was in Atlanta that she met Al B. Sure with whom she fell in love. They dated for some time and even managed to have a child together. This child was named after the famous musician Quincy Jones. The musician was her mentor hence the probable reason for the name. It however turned out that this was not the only man in her life. Her relationship with Al B. Sure didn’t last for long.

Kim Porter later on met Sean Combs. Their relationship lasted a bit longer, but it has had its own share or ups and downs. They have had to call it off severally, reunited and eventually called it off for good. Sean Combs is a popular musician hence he has been given a variety of names by his fans. Some simply call him Diddy while others call him Puff Diddy. While dating, Kim conceived Sean’s child and gave birth to a girl named Christian Casey Combs. Unfortunately, they broke up at this juncture and parted ways.

They later on reunited and the relationship blossomed. This led to the birth of twin daughters born on December 21st, 2006. Kim named these twins Jessie James Combs and D’Lila Star Combs. The names were derived from Kim’s great grandmothers. This sums up Kim Porter’s children with Sean Combs as three.

Riding in the shadow of a great rap legend was not an easy task for Kim. As expected, he had a huge fan following. He was on his part born in Harlem on November 4th, 1969. He is also of an African American ethnicity just like Kim Porter. He is now aged 45. Even at this age, he is still commanding a huge following. His popularity hasn’t been affected at all.  He stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Sean was brought up in Mount Vernon, New York. He started out as a talent director at Uptown Record. Thereafter, in 1993, he decided to set up his own shop by founding the Bad Boy Records. He was also an entrepreneur as well as an actor. Above all, he continued working as a record producer. Sean has managed to win three Grammy Awards in addition to MTV Music Awards.

Sean’s mother was a model but unfortunately his father got shot dead at only 33. He had been convicted due to drug dealings. It is this early childhood life that has led to his high temperament and anger waged on Kim. Many critics have speculated that it is this that has kept the two in bad terms most of the time. He however enjoys a net worth of 700 million

The relationship between Kim and Sean hit the rocks in July 2007. Kim stated that she wished him well and that she would now pay more attention to her career. They didn’t have official marriage so separation was that easy! It is rumored that Kim has been using cocaine on a daily basis, even in front of her children. This has however not been confirmed.


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