Larenz Tate

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Occupation Actor
Birth Place United States
Birth Place Chicago
Birth Place Illinois

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Larenz Tate is a television and a film actor who is an American. He played in the role of Peter Waters in the film in Crash and he played O-dog in Menace II Society, a film drama of 1993. Other films that he played include Ray, Biker Boyz, Waist Deep, A Man Apart, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, Love Jones, Dead Presidents.

Larenz Tate is the son of Larry and Peggy Tate and was born in West Side of Chicago.  He is a young child in the family of three children and he is a younger brother to Lahmard and Larron who are also actors.  Her family moved to go to live in California when he was only nine years old. The family convinced the brothers to enter into the drama program but they were never serious about it until they saw that a serious classmate of the name of Malcolm-Jamal Warner became famous when he was a cast in The Cosby Show sitcom. When they found out that their effort can pay off, they started to be serious and to ask for smaller roles in the year 1995.   Larenz Tate made his first debut for small screen in the episode of The New Twilight Zone series.

Larenz Tate made many appearances in the television series like The Wonder Years, and 21 Jump Street while afterwards he started to appear in other movies including The Women of Brewster Place and afterwards she received the recurring role of the nemesis of Steve Urkel.  He played as Willie Fuffner in a family comedy series called Family Matters.  He was among the cast member of the CBS series for The Royal family in which Della Reese and Redd Foxx were starring but this ended prematurely since Redd Foxx died. In the video game called 187 Ride or Die, the main character Buck is the voice of Tate.

After appearing in many small screen roles, many offerings started to come to him and the collaborative siblings Allen and Albert Hughes had approached him so that he can star in their debut features called Menace II Society where he played as O-dog.

Larenz Tate’s wife is Tomasina Parrot and they have already three children together. The two got married in 2006.  Before, he dated Karrine Steffans and Tee Ashira.

Larenz Tate is available on the social media like instagram, twitter and facebook.

In the remarkable roles he had is to play the musical legends Quincy Jones and Frankie Lymon.  He is a co-founder For The Tate Bros, and others are his brothers. The organization was created as the non-profit organization that helps the children who suffer sickle cell anemia diseases. He was on the cover of Black Elegance of 1998.  He likes to read the autobiography of Sidney Poitier called The Measure of a Man.


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