Lester Holt

American journalist and musician Lester Don Holt, Jr is the anchor of the weekend editions of NBC's Today and NBC Nightly News; he is also an anchor of Dateline NBC and editor of Brian Williams.

Lester Holt graduated from Cordova high school in California. After high school, he got his higher education from the University of California. His first job was as a disc jockey, but he was very fond of news casting, which is why he never gave up on his dreams, and he decided to follow his dreams.

While Lester Holt is best known as for his career as a journalist, he also appeared in several television shows and movies. Television shows in which he appeared are Due South, Early Edition, 30 Rock, and Cleveland. When it comes to movies, he appeared in The Fugitive, move from 1993, and Primal Fear from 1996.

His mother was a local plotter, and his father was an Air Force master sergeant. And as a child,he was growing up on armed base, and that was the time when he got so interested in the reports. He used to read newspapers and reports till late at night. In his high school, he was called by administration for morning announcements. He was named there as “voice of the Cordova Lancers”. After he graduated from high school, he attended the University, and during that period, he got his first on-air job as a disc jockey. He was working at the radio station until he graduated, and got a degree in government.

After the college, Lester was working hard, pursuing his career and his dreams, and in 1981, he became a reported. He started working on WCBN-TV, in New York. Soon after, he moved to Los Angeles, and started working on KNXT, as a weekend anchor and a reporter. A couple of years later, he came back to New York, and during that period, he was working for WCBN-TV, also as a weekend anchor and a reporter. After many changes, he moved to Chicago, where he spent almost 15 years, working for WBBM-TV. During the time he spent working at WBBM-TV in Chicago, he covered the news from many different world’s areas, mostly the ones that were troubled, such as El Salvador, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Haiti, and more. He also worked for MSNBC for several years, and after that, in 2005, he started working for NBC.

Lester Holt got the association and membership of nationwide connection of Black Journalists; Screen Actors Guild. And he got the awards of “Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award” in 1990, for “48 Hours: No Place like Home”

Lester Holt has also played music on upright bass and electric; he was really fond of rock music and used to play it in functions and family celebrations. He used to play such music in New York jazz clubs. From here, thanks hobbies,he got the possibility to be seated with apart-time music group of television celebrities who make cash for donations. So Lester Holt joined the “band from TV” and got all time popular.


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