lidia bastianich

Early Life and Education:

American celebrity chef, television host, author and restaurateur Lidia Bastianich was born on February 21, 1947 in in Pula, formerly Italian. Due to some political reasons her family immigrated to USA. She was 12 years old at that time. There her mother got a job of a cook and a housekeeper, and her father as a limousine driver. Lidia Bastianich also got a job when she turned 14, and supported herself financially to complete her high school. She gained enough experience to cook Italian cuisine after working in so many restaurants and bakeries that she decided to pursue cooking as her professional career. Lidia has suffered hair loss problem and she now wears a wig.  

Married Life: 

Lidia Bastianich met Felice Bastianich on her 16th birthday party. They were formally introduced to each other by her family, and after some meetings they both fell in love. Felice was also an immigrant and a restaurant worker. Their love for cooking Italian cuisine served as a catalyst in their relation. They both got married in 1966 when Lidia was 19 years old. After two years she gave birth to their first child; her son Joseph, and in 1972 her daughter Tanya was born.

Felice, besides being her husband was also her business partner. They both worked hard to build a brand of their own, and when they finally did, they both got divorced in 1997 because of their difference in opinion about expanding their business. Lidia was in favor to expand the business while Felice thought other way around.  


Lidia Bastianich started her career when she was 14 by working in different restaurants and gaining experience. After marrying Felice Bastianich they both opened their first restaurant in 1971 with the name Buonavia, meaning "good road", in Forest Hills, Queens. A second eatery, Villa Secondo, was launched in 1972. Seeing the success of their Italian cuisine, in 1981 they sold their two earlier restaurants for Felida, their dream project in Manhattan.  Felida got 3 stars by the New York Times later. It is one of the highly profitable restaurant businesses in Manhattan.

After their successful journey they opened two more restaurants in partnership with their children namely Lidia's Kansas City and Lidia's Pittsburgh. In 2010 Lidia with her son opened another restaurant in Manhattan with the name Eataly. After the divorce Felice got his shares back from the business and transferred them into the name of his children before he died on December 12, 2010.

In 1998 Lidia Bastianich was given a chance to host her own television series Lidia's Italian Table which opened the door for her to establish a series of her cooking shows and host additional public shows. She has accompanied her shows with cooking books which are included in the list of bestselling books. 


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