Linda Cohn

Linda Cohn is a very popular face of the sports world and if you have a passion for sports or are a regular viewer of SportsCenter of ESPN, then this popular sportscaster might have caught your attention upon different occasions. For a lady covering Sports news is never easy, but Linda manages to do this in a good way and never fails in delivering right according to the situation. She is smart, intelligent and most importantly has a love for sports so she gets in a better position of describing the relevant details and at the same time manages to capture audience’s interest by use of meaningful journalism tactics.

Linda is a capable and intelligent sports anchor, but she is also the owner of a charming personality which attracts the onlookers. She is 55 years old now, but looks much younger, energetic and beautiful. She has a career which spans around more than three decades and this has provided her the experience and confidence to further take forward her skills and talents as Sportscaster.

Achievements This iron lady has achieved a lot in her career and in this section we will throw a light upon some of her important achievements, which show that Linda is not only intelligent, but also well established in her field being completely dedicated towards work related commitments.

·  National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

·  Woman’s Sports Journalism award

·  SUNY Oswego Athletic Hall of Fame

In addition to this, she has won many other awards and recognitions and this shows that Linda is a capable woman who takes pride in her work and knows how to change and get adjusted in the modern circles with confidence.

Early life During her teenage days Linda was a very good athlete and showed great interest in ice hockey and she was also involved in a number of sports. She graduated from the Newfield high School and attended the SUNY Oswego where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in art and communication in the year 1981. During her college days she was very much active showed great interest in ice hockey best part is that Linda was successful in taking her love for sports forward and became a sports caster.

Career A look at the long and deep career of Linda shows that she has worked really very hard by starting in the year 1981 as sports anchor for a radio station, which she left in the year 1984 and till 1987 she was involved with different radio networks.  She created history by becoming the first full time United States female sports anchor upon radio, when she was given a job by ABC. Her amazing style was noticed by majority and quickly she was successful in establishing a strong bond with the sports lovers. Since 1992 she is associated with ESPN and we can see her involved in different programs of this channel. She is also an author and has written memoir which got decent popularity from the masses not only in sports fraternity, but others as well. 


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