Lindsay Czarniak

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Lindsay Czarniak was born on born on November 7, 1977 and she is a renowned sports anchor in America. After affiliating herself with WRC TV for a considerable amount of time she switched to ESPN when she was offered an anchor ship. She has also hosted in many other projects and has featured in The George Michael Sports Machine and TNT’s NASCAR Sprint cup series where she performed her duties as a pit reporter.

Biography and Profile She was born in Harrisburg from where she migrated to northern Virginia along with her family at a small age of five. She was quite agile since she was a child and had a proclivity towards playing sports specifically Lacrosse and field hockey. She played bother these sports in Centreville High School. She did her graduation from James Mason University from where she majored in Online journalism. Due to her connection with sports and her interest towards them , she decided to pursue her dreams in sports journalism.

She did many stints early on in her career in many famous broadcasting agencies such as the CNN, WAWS , WTE-TV etc.

However her first real break came when she returned to DC in the June of 2005. She took her duties as an anchor and reporter in NBC-4. This happened because George Michael stepped down from anchor ship and eventually passed on his legacy to the young and exciting Czarniak. She eventually went to ESPN and after that she also embraced further challenges in her career.

She has also done some work in movies and she was cast in the 2000 action film where she played the role of Mist in the film Aquarius. The film itself didn’t gain much popularity and Czarniak had to step down as an actress but her constant struggles brought her to some reputation years later as a sports anchor.

Lindsay Czarniak’s parents have always been an inspiration for her and have pushed her through any obstacle in her life. Her father Chet Czarniak was also a news reporter for 17 years before he eventually stepped up to become the current editor of USA .Now you know that the tendency to join journalism runs in their blood. Her mother Terri Czarniak was a former principal in some local schools and her brother Andrew is currently serving in the US coast guard.

She will become the first woman to host one of ABC's coverage of the 2013 Indianapolis 500. She succeeds many legends which hosted the show before her and considering that, it is a very big achievement in her career. This will definitely provide a new energy and revitalize her morale and take her to new heights in the future.

She is married to an NBC anchor slash reporter Craig Melvin and currently resides in DC. She also has a little baby and is a quite responsible mother. She has long years to look ahead of her as journalism is not only a career for her but also her passion.


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