Lis Wiehl

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Lis Wiehl is an American author and legal analyst for the Fox News. She is adjunct professor for the law at New York law school and she is formerly the associate professor of University of Washington Law School. She worked before as a legal commentator of National Public Radio program at the program of Bill O’ Reilly called Radio Factor. She was appearing on weekly basis at The O’ Reilly  Factor, Your World with Neil Cavuto, on Kelly File together with Megyn Kelly Lou Dobbs Tonight at the imus morning shows and she is the hosts for legal Lis Radio show. 

Whel graduated from the West Valley High School in the Yakima of Washington and got the bachelor degree from Barnard College in the year 1983. She has a master of Arts in the literature of University of Queensland in the year 1985. She has a Juris Doctor of Harvard Law School. Lis Wiehl is known to be ambitious person and she had tried many things until she was able to master her industry.

Lis Wiehl is known to be a hot personality in USA and she has attractive body with the best body measurement. She has an hourglass shaped body with the hottest curves that make her to be a desired person. She is over 6 feet tall and she has sexy and long legs. She is already 53 years old but she continues to look beautiful and this is reflected through her schedule about her personal care and the health care.  Her boyfriend was Mickey Sherman and they got married in 2006.   He was her husband until 2012, when they got a divorce. She was pregnant, two times and she is now living with two children Danielle and Jacob London. She was able to manage herself well and it is hard to know her age. Besides her personal life, she does well when it comes to her work.

 Lis Wiehl is a successful lady and lives in US where she is a writer. She had published over 50 books until now. The two of her successful books, are the Winning Every Time: How To Use the Skills of a Lawyer in The Trials of Your Life and The 51% percent Minority: How Women Still Are not Equal and What You Can Do About It. She talks more about empowering the women and now she focuses more on writing the novels that change ideas of the society. She has written both non-fictions and fictions novels.

Lis Wiehl has worked in different companies until she decided to join Fox News and she said that it was according to her preference and taste. She gets benefits and the best salary which is contributes to her net worth but the exact figures were not revealed. Even if she worked in different places, she left on her own and she never got fired.


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