Lori Rothman

Lori Rothman is a TV journalist who started being popular in 2010, when she started to work for Fox Business Network as a financial anchor. She was born in 1973 and currently she is married with an employee at financial market, known as Mike.

Not too much is known about her husband, but they started their marriage in 2003. Together they have two daughters: Aubrey, who was born in 2007 and Penelope, who was born in 2009. Her personal life is kept away from the eyes of the media, but everyone knows that Lori Rothman is having a happy marriage, therefore a happy life. Lori Rothman is a Jewish and her father was an orthodontist. There’s not too much information about Lori Rothman regarding her early life as a scholar or as a student, but it is known that she attended a school in Boston and she has Bachelor’s degree in history and broadcast journalism.

At the beginning of her carrier Lori Rothman worked as a morning newscaster for WPTZ-TV in Plattsburgh. After that she worked as a daytime anchor for Bloomberg Television. She was able to take interviews from many business personalities, because she is also an expert in economics. After her experience she was noticed in 2010 and she started to work for Fox Business Network. Her duty is to bring news about market trends, government taxes and spending policies. There are people who are watching her activity as a financial anchor, but they don’t know details about Lori Rothman’s personal life. However it can clearly be seen that she is the type of hardworking woman who is doing her best to advance in her carrier as a journalist, but this is not enough, because people should know what kind of hobbies does she have or what she’s doing in her free time.

Some people are saying that Lori Rothman is also appreciated by her viewers because she is a good looking woman. She’s 42 years old now, but still the financial anchor looks very good, even if she appears on screen or at social events. Unfortunately the ones who are appreciating Lori Rothman for her work cannot find information regarding her hobbies or things about her personal life on Wikipedia, but the journalist is active on social media websites such as Twitter or Facebook. That’s where the ones who are appreciating Lori Rothman for her work can share their gratitude.

Lori Rothman is usually dressing herself with formal clothes, which is just excellent for her carrier and profession. However, even if she is not wearing provocative clothes, people can still see that she’s actually gorgeous. On the other hand, her personality shows that she’s not interested in attracting this kind of attention towards her, and all she wants is to advance in her carrier as a journalist and to take care of her daughters, while also keeping her family life discreet and away from the media eyes. Maybe one day she will come in front of the cameras to tell us more about her personal life. 


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