Maria Larosa timeline

Maria LaRosa was born on November 7th, 1976. Though her birthplace is New York, she was brought up in Ramsey, New Jersey. Maria had a love of Math and Science from her younger days but wasn’t surehow to use those interests when choosing a career path. When she walked into the meteorology department at Penn State, she was taken aback by the enthusiasm by everyone who was present. From that moment on, Maria LaRosa knew that she had to be part of this world. She now lives without regrets as she is living her passions. In 1998, Maria graduated with a Bachelor of Meteorology degree commencing PS-Penn State University, where she also held a teaching assistant job for the university’s Introductory Meteorology Course, before she graduated. Maria holds the highest accreditation in her field, which is the new Certified/Broadcast/Meteorologist/Seal CBM, which she received on or after the American Meteorologist Society.