Maria Larosa

Maria LaRosa was born on November 7th, 1976. Though her birthplace is New York, she was brought up in Ramsey, New Jersey. Maria had a love of Math and Science from her younger days but wasn’t surehow to use those interests when choosing a career path. When she walked into the meteorology department at Penn State, she was taken aback by the enthusiasm by everyone who was present. From that moment on, Maria LaRosa knew that she had to be part of this world. She now lives without regrets as she is living her passions. In 1998, Maria graduated with a Bachelor of Meteorology degree commencing PS-Penn State University, where she also held a teaching assistant job for the university’s Introductory Meteorology Course, before she graduated. Maria holds the highest accreditation in her field, which is the new Certified/Broadcast/Meteorologist/Seal CBM, which she received on or after the American Meteorologist Society.

Her first job was offered to her soon after she graduated, as a meteorologist at WTVM-TV. She says that on the first day of this very job, was when she experienced her most embarrassing moment in her career. Whilst on-air, she had forgotten to turn her microphone on. She had started talking but realized that nothing was coming out. When she quickly turned her microphone on, she was so nervous that she couldn’t properly talk. Through this, she has risen above that embarrassing moment and kept moving forward. She held this position from 1998 to 2000 till she decided to venture out and move her career, to WXIX. From then, Maria was found to have furthered herself through other broadcasting networks.

Maria LaRosa has 12 years of broadcasting meteorology experience before she joined The Weather Channel. She has worked very hard in establishing herself in the industry as one of the top meteorologist. Her efforts have paid off! She has had many jobs, such as a co-anchor and segment correspondent for major broadcasting companies such as Your Weather Today, Morning Rush and Wake Up With Al. These have all a great impact on leading her to her promising career of where she currently is, an on-camera Meteorologist for The Weather Channel.

With many avid fans and followers, Maria can be found on many social media platforms, from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter and other social media alike. With her extensive work and professionalism, Maria LaRosa can be seen as an inspiration and role model of today’s youth for pursuing your passion.

Maria lives with her husband Maruisz Kolakowski and their three sons Michael, Justin and Tyler in Atlanta. When asked what her favorite season is, Maria explains that it is autumn. The sights, sounds and even the holidays associated with the season, is by far her favorite.


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