Mariska Hargitay

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Mariska Hargitay is known to be child activist and a television actress. She performed in a number of television dramas, but gained popularity after working in “New York City sex crimes”.

She started her acting career in the year 1985 in a horror comedy film. Soon after the film debut, she fortunately got a chance to work in adventure drama series and “Downtown” proved to be the major breakthrough. She worked in different television drama and between early 80’s and 90’s and appeared in different roles.  She is known as “Olivia Benson” for her role in “New York Citysex crimes”. She was a completely different kind of person unlike her mother; she preferred to keep her own image. After working in several television series, she tested her fate by working in a film “Leaving Las Vegas”. Movie was a hit and she was acclaimed as one of the best actress. She also proved her acting skills in Soap called “Falcon Crest”.

She was born on 23 January,1964, Santa Monica, California, USA. Her father was a body builder and represented Hungary and once became Mr. Universe. Her mother Mickey Hargitay was a performer and known for her erogenous image. She lost her mother in a car accident when she was only three.

After the tragic accident,t she moved to Beverly Hills and joined Marymount High School that was a catholic school. She was admitted to UCLA, but was unable to complete her education and was dropped from the college. She partially studied theater, but eventually had to drop the studies because of the busy schedule.

In the year 1997, She was casted in a  drama named “ ER”, her acting  career flourished and then she performed a role of her lifetime in a drama “ Law and order”.

A role in New York Citysex crimes had a deeper impact onto the life of Hargitay. She did performed a role of empathetic detective, there were number of stunt scenes that were performed by her. After working with the different television producers, she became one of expensive actresses.

She met Peter Hermann, on the set and soon after dating each other they got married on August 28th 2004. On august 2006, she is blessed with a baby boy.

She has won numerous awards, the most prominent one were Emmy and Golden Globe. In 2004, she appeared in a television movie named “Plain Truth”, she handled the role of an attorney very well.

As mentioned earlier she is an activist also. There is a whole story behind that, she received a letter from her fans about the sexual abuse. she immediately took the decision and founded a non-profit organization named "Joyful Heart Foundation". The purpose behind developing the organization was to help people that survived sexual attack.  The organization majorly focused on issues like the domestic ferocity and the child abuse.


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