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Matthew McConaughey was born in Uvalde, Texas on the 4th of November, 1969. He attended the University of Texas at Austin from where he graduated. The film dazed and Confused is the one that gave him his first big break in the year 1993. He thereafter became the starring of A time to Kill in 1996 followed by Amistad of 1997. He was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by the People magazine in the year 1995. His latest films include Mudd of 2012 and the Dallas Buyers Cludb. In 2014, the HBO series True Detective enabled McConaughey come on strong as the star of the series. This series helped raise his star trajectory even higher.

Early Life and Career

As part if his early life, Matthew happened to be an athlete at a very young age, enjoyed playing tennis and golf at Longview High School. This made his classmates nickname him the school’s “Most Handsome Student”

As for college life, he stayed in texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin. He graduated from the same university in the year 1993. Matthew had been taking part in a number of small film roles and commercials until 1993 when Dazed and Confused gave him his first big breakthrough. The character of David Wooderson for which he was endlessly quoted helped define him and propel him further ahead. This role represented a touchstone comedic performance for him.

McConaugnhey’s easy-going personality and handsome looks earned him a leading role in A time to Kill (1996) in which he starred alongside Sandra Bullock, Kevin Spacey and Samuel L. Jackson. Although Matthew and Bullock were rumored to be an item by several media houses, those close to them only confirmed that they were just friends.

Star Status

McConaughey was viewed by many as a rising star in the realm of Hollywood when he made to the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in the year 1996. As a hard working actor, he kept on participating in a number of dramatic projects that only helped propel his acting talents to greater heights. He appeared with Jodie Foster in a science-fiction film Contact in 1997. The director was Robert Zemeckis. He played the role of African slaves’ trial lawyer in Steven Spielberg's Amistad the same year. The slave had staged a revolt aboard the Amistad, a slave ship.

In 1999, he starred in EdTV featuring a very lowly clerk who manages to rise to stardom in a reality show he owns. Unfortunately this film turned out to be a commercial and critical disappointment.

Recent Roles

McConaughey later turned out to be the king of romantic comedies. Together with Jennifer Lopez, he starred in The Wedding Planner (2001). He also starred alongside Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003).

He joined action movies with Sahara (2005). In Two for the Money (2005), a dramatic thriller, he played a con man alongside the famous actor Al Pacino. The two movies however didn’t hit the box office. The People magazine however later named him "Sexiest Man Alive."

He has also appeared in Failure to Launch (2006),Fool's Gold (2008), comedy Tropic Thunder (2008), The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009), The Lincoln Lawyer and Killer Joe (2011), drama Mud (2012), comedic film Magic Mike (2012).


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