Maya Moore

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Maya Moore was born in 1989 and even if she still looks young, she was able to grab the headlines and she became a valuable basket player in the entire world. She was born in Missouri area and she is of American nationality.  She has many people who follow her and she is engaged in different social media like Twitter and Instagram. She has over 134 thousand followers on her twitter and she had tweeted over 1300 times up to now. She is known to have a good pace within the game together with the Killer Dunk that it is capable of leaving the other team hanging in Defeat and misery.

Maya Moore always look hot especially when she has put on the bikini that shows off smooth and hot legs. She is tall and has the height of over 1.83 meters. Her weight is 79 kilograms and her salary stands at 45,000 US dollars. Her net worth is around 150 thousand dollars but this figure increases on regular basis.

By now, Maya Moore is yet to get married and she does not talk about if she has a boyfriend or not.  Moore was exposed to the basketball for the first time when she was three years old and her mother kept a hoop at the back of the apartment’s door.

Moore is known to be a Christian and she said that even if she got many honors and awards, there is nothing that can be compared to what God has done to her heart.

 She was the subject in the science video clip of ESPN sports and she discussed about the vertical leap, the muscle memory and the court vision. She talked about her ability in stealing and she was found out that she is able to move the hands faster compared to the speed of the rattlesnake.  His father Mike Dabney, even if he was not the part of her biography when he was growing up, he played at Rutgers University as a collegiate in the year 1970s.  He became the pick of 36th and he played in Los Angeles Lakers in the year 1976 at NBA Draft but he never played for NBA.  Her young sister called Olivia Dabney plays at Rutgers Preparatory School while Ashley Dabney played as an athlete for track and field during her college years.

Moore’s career from the high school, college and professional level, she was able to always win the championship. In the first 3 years of her professional career, she reached to 3 WNBA finals, she won 5 of the six championships that were available and reached to Eurobasket final. Moore was able to win three gold medals in US women’s basketball team and in the year 2010 FIBA World Championship and the 2012 London Olympics together with 2014 FIBA World Championship where she got the nomination of MVP of that tournament.


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