Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelley is considered one of the top influential personalities people list. She is famous for being the journalist, lawyer and other such related profiles. The top programs of her being on air are the commentaries and live coverage of political issues at Fox Channel. The other viral program is known as “Kelly file” which is broadcasted through New York City headquarters. Before joining the media group she also practiced law

Megyn Kelly was born to Linda and Edward Kelly in November 1970. Her father was by profession a professor while her mother being the house wife. She was at young age when her father died. She has vast career exposure attaining different degrees in school of law and journalism. Undergrad was being done in Political Science, and later earned J.D from Albany Law School. She was also very much interested in physical activities and participated in aerobics from very early age. Played at the games and lead the cheers squad as well.

Being a successful lady in so many fields and for so many years her worth according to research says about $15 million and which will increase to many folds as she will be taking prime time slots soon as well. She was in many careers but main source of money comes from the media where she is hot iconic lady who is intelligent and sharp. These qualities has favored the salary outgrowth for her and being the Richie rich lady category.

To account for Megyn Kelly matrimonial happenings she has been married twice. First marriage remained up to five years, in it she was married to doctor (anesthesiologist and physician), Dr. Daniel Ronald Kendall. It was a happy go round scenario but after long five years it all ended. The Kelley girl is still on friendly terms with her ex-husband. No controversies have been displayed about the divorce and secrets being spilled. But doctor Kendell have been commenting that he did not betray or dodge his wife as he has taken this assumptions from some of Kelly comments in different situations. The other husband or the true man in life isDoug Brunt, who is 43 years old. They were married in the year 2008. He was an Internet security executive by profession and now works as a writer. Both husband and wife  are very happy from this relationship.

Megyn Kelley is serving as an inspiration for all the females out there by her looks and mind usage. She is currently in 44 years of ripe age but still young at heart and looks. Her birth month is November making her sun sign Leo and moon sign is Scorpio. She is faming and striving for more and its not only of her good looks but her intellectual qualities as to carry the live commentaries in a very professional manner. She has covered many hit stories including all themes but popularity lies with political coverage and commentaries which are the base of her shows.

She has been living a very cheerful and happy life throughout. Some negative talk is there but she discard them as rumors or routine of life. She is and will be striving and prospering more.


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