Melissa Lee

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Melissa Lee was born in the year 1974 and she is a known figure on the American television industry. She is now working at cnbc as a reporter and a news presenter. She is American of Asian ethnicity. She is from a rich family; her mother is fashion designer while the father graduated from the Columbia University. Her dad thought her from the childhood and most of her talent was gotten from the dad. She always regarded Kaity Tong to be her role model since she was news anchor. She was the reasons why she chose to be in the journalism sector. To pursue her dreams, she went to Harvard College and got the Bachelor of Arts in the Government.

Melissa Lee starting her career, she joined the newspaper known as The Great Neck Record. She has struggled to reach to the level she is on now. She has worked for different network and channels and she was the consultant of Mercer Management and she got the job experience. She was the associate for the Bloomberg television with the CNN financial news. She hosts the popular show called Money in Motion, Options Actions and Fast Money. She has experience in the production of document. Even if she has been in the industry in a short period, she had been involved in different activities and she was able to get the fame and to make a name.

Melissa Lee is not only known as a successful and a talented person but she is also among beautiful people. She is of Asian origins and the Asian looks make her to be extra beautiful and also attractive. She is tall and she has the height of five feet and six inches. She is around thirty eight of age and she looks vibrant and beautiful. Since she wants to continue looking beautiful, she does everything to maintain her figure through exercising and diet.

She is not married and there is no record of any boyfriend she ever had or any child. There are some rumors in the media that she may like to date many boyfriends but there is no proof for it. Lee’s grandfather was the one to immigrate to Buffalo from the rural china together with the children and wife. After the graduation from Columbia University, her father moved to Great Neck. She had hosted over 5 documentaries of CNBC which are Code Wars: America’s Cyber Threat, The $50M Con, Porn: Business of Pleasure, Coca Cola: The Real Story behind the Real Thing and Made In China: the People’s Republic of Profit. Melissa Lee’s salary is 48,000 dollars and her net worth is 5 million USD. She is found on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Wiki. Her bio and amazing pictures can be found online.


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