michaela pereira

Quick facts
Husband Not Married
Birth Place Canada
Birth Place Saskatchewan
Birth Place Saskatoon
Education McGill University
Award Mark Twain Readers Award
Award Emmy Award
Citizenship Canadians
Education McGill University
Employer KTLA
Employer CNN
Employer TechTV
Occupation Journalist
Employer TechTV
Height 5' 4"

Michaela Periera a Canadian born on 26th August 1970 is a well known anchor in Los Angeles. Michaela was an adopted child, her parents and siblings are not from the same ethnicity. She graduated from Mc Gill University in Bachelor degree of Arts. She is a strong advocate and she speaks up for the rights of children. Although she works in U.S yet she still maintains her Canadian citizenship.

She made her news television debut in 1993 on Canada’s CHEK-TV in Victoria as a great reporter and anchor of a program. She started working later on with the CNN morning show New Day, which was on aired on June 17th, 2013. She is known as one of the best Canadian TV personality. She also has been co-host of world’s number on rated morning newscast show “KTLA morning news”, she has co-hosted this show for 9 years and it also received nine awards for the Best Regularly Scheduled daily news.

She hosted a show which provided daily look at the internet usage, websites, funny and interesting facts, titled as “Internet Tonight” on ZDTV. When show ended in 2001, she became a regular host for Tech live, where remained part of it till 2004. Then she signed into KTLA in Los Angeles. She also did the coverage of Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, 2007. She received various awards with three news and TV associations like Golden Mike Awards in 2006 for the live coverage of a news story "Urban Farm Eviction". She also received two mark twain awards in 2004, "Best Live coverage of a news event", "Hostage Standoff Mexican Consulate" and the "Best 60 minute broadcast: KTLA morning news".

She decided to leave KTLA to become anchor of morning show at CNN. On 28th March, 2013 she left KTLA, Michaela was one of the best anchor of the programme TechLive, which provided news related to technology on TechTV in San Francisco, 2001. Apart from her achievements she is an active member of several community welfare organizations. She works for teens, youngsters and children. She was one of the Board of Directors members for the Long beach boys and Girls club, an organization which takes care of the children and supports them. The optimist youth home is an organization which gives their services to the troubled youth and Michaela has been on the advisory board for this organization. Working with all these organizations provides her with a handsome salary for her livelihood, but there are no details about her net worth.

She has also been honored with various community awards such as Genii Award for excellence in broadcasting from Alliance for Women in Media, The Celebrity Philanthropist Award from the association of Fund raising Professionals and the Hollywood Community Leadership Award from the Hollywood Police Activities League.

Although she is 43 years old, but has maintained herself quiet well. She has got ideal weight, with good personality and she is regarded as one of the hot Canadian anchor. She does not have a husband, and there are no news about when she will get married, she doesn’t have any relationship or affair rumors nor does she have any ex-husband. According to her when talking about being single she says that she hasn’t met anyone special yet, someone whom she could choose as a life partner. She can speak Portuguese apart from English and she has remained an active snow boarder till 2010, she had to abandon snowboarding due to her knee surgery. She keeps her personal life to herself as a secret and there aren’t many facts available about her on the internet.


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