Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is a name which is familiar within the media industry. She is a beautiful lady and she is well known because she is a reporter in the general assignment at CNBC television.  She is a woman known to reach to the top ranking as a new reporter. She is a media personality who is fascinating the viewers for over a decade. She is a popular news reporter and she has been honored with different awards including the Emmy Award because she was able to bring out the story of the children who are suffering from the aids.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera was born in the year 1969 and she went to Wellesley College where she did her high school education and in the year 1991, she completed the degree in the economics. After the completion of the study, she was able to embark on the professional career. In the year 1991, she was presenting the report about the education issues for the New York Times. She is now working with CNBC and before she worked for different channels. She also worked at Univision and her job was to work as a special project producer of the channel. These are the days that were of great significance to her.

In the European Financial Crisis, she was presenting the live coverage in big cities of Europe like Athens, Madrid, Frankfurt and Rome. Michelle Caruso-Cabrera was alarming the viewers around the world about the emerging risk of the worldwide economic depression. She was observing the consequences of the war in the economy in Iraq. After the war, she was in Iraq to cover live election.   She travelled in different parts of the world to talk about the economy that it is raising faster. She reported in Republic of Venezuela, Cuba and Brazil where she was presenting the reports and was able to bring out the groundbreaking stories in the regard of the economy of such countries.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is known to be a beautiful lady and she has perfect measurements.  She is tall of five feet with eight inches and she always attracts the attention of the viewers.  She was married to Paulo Lima but she divorced her husband after sometime in marriage.  According to her bio, she never gave birth and even if there were rumors of dating after divorce, they did not hold for long. Despite her age, she is still beautiful and hot and nothing of her beauty that faded away.  Her

net worth is counted in millions with a salary of over 780,000 dollars per  year. Her biography can be found online and she is active on the social networking sites. She interacts with the fans on Facebook and Twitter.  

According to her work, she was nominated among the 100 most influential people of Hispanic origins.


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