Mika Brzezinski

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Mika Brzezinski’s full name is Mika Emile Leonia Brzezinski.  She is a journalist and a television host. She is a democratic and she co-hosts the weekend morning at MSNBC. Mika is known to fall in different steamy debates when she is on air and she always prefer to talk about serious and hard news instead of entertainment news.  She was working at CBS network but she got fired.

Mika Brzezinski was born in the year 1967 in the city of New York. Her father is Zbigniew Brzezinski a polish born and a foreign expert for the former National Security Advisor. Her mother is Emile Ann Benesova who is of Czech descent and Swiss born sculptress. She has two siblings which are Mark and Ian Brzezineski. She attended Madiera School and she graduated in Williams College found in Williamstown. She did English after she transferred in Georgetown University.

Mika Brzezinski started her journalism career like an assistant of World News this Morning which is aired under ABC in the year 1990.  In the year 1991, she went to work at WTIC-TV/WTIC-DT network that it is affiliated to Fox and it is based in Connecticut. She was working hard and in few months she was promoted to work like a general assignment reporter since before she was working as an editor of assignment and feature. The following year, she joined WFSB-TV/WFSB-DT which is based in the Hartford and it is an affiliate of CBS. She rose slowly and in few weeks, she became a weekday morning anchor. She stopped to work here and she went to CBS network news cast where she was an anchor and a correspondent for the overnight news program called Up to the Minute. She took a break and went to work at MSNBC which is a rival of CBS.

She was working at the show called HomePage and together with other two women in the show were called by Entertainment Weekly the PowerPuff Girls of Journalism.  Mika returned to CBS where she worked as a correspondent and this put her into the limelight. She was reporting live about September 11 2001 attack and this put her in the limelight more since it was during her broadcast that the South Tower collapsed. She was contributing to 60 minutes and CBS Sundary Morning but she was fired. She returned to MSNBC where she was a fill-in for UP to The Minute.

Mika Brzezinski’s bio is available on different websites. She is married to Jim Hoffer and they have two children Carlie Hoffer and Emilie Hoffer. They are still together with her husband since there is no record about any divorce. She connects with her fans on twitter and her net worth is 12 million dollars. She lives in Bronxville in a 1920s house built in English Tudor-style.


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