Mike Francesa

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One of renowned Television analyst and host of broadcasting talk show of America are named as “Mike Francesa”. His popularity is because of ex- role co-hosting the well-liked “Mike and the Mad Dog” program on channel WFAN that is broadcasted is New York City.

Mike also remained host of “Mike's on: Francesa on the FAN” after completion of his famous show. Mike has also done sports commentating. His show “Mike and Dog” got the most popularity.

Mike also hosts radio show called “The NFL Now” that is broadcasted weekly. Mike made sportstime hosting and reporting that were on the channels “CBS Radio Network” and “Westwood One” and he also gave reviews on sports in a program “Imus in the Morning” broadcasted of WFAN.

He was born in New York. He got his higher education there and attended the University of South Florida. He was good at morning interactions and sporty direction. He married to Kate, but because of some misunderstandings they departed in 1990. Then in New York Mike married to Rose and they had three children.

He was ranked number one in sports talk shows in a row for continue two years.  His achievements contain winning of “Marconi Award” in 2012. When Mike got exposure and unlimited experience he started his airing on channel Fox Sports 1.

He got many health issues during his life. He has to go through Surgery of both knees and also get angioplasty during his career.

He started his career and was first hired by CBC new. He worked for continued six years at “Pro Football Newsweekly” and his main attention remained on college sports. In CBS news he worked as assistant editorial and he made great impression by hi experience and knowledge. He has also used to be studio analyst and he had a great New York accent at that time. The channel of ESPN made efforts to entice him as its studio specialist on college football, college basketball and NFL, but he refused the proposal, in 1991.

“Mike and Mad dog” used to be aired on afternoon was actually sports show. The program used to be broadcasted on channel on WFAN in New York City and the celebrities and hosts all were Mike Francesa and Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo chatting about sports and intriguing phone calls from callers and viewers.

Another great success of Mike Francesa was his famous radio talk show about sports named as “Mike's on: Francesa on the FAN”. The making of show was completed on 2008 and both his famous shows became reason of his success and flourishing of his career.

Being a sports commentator he gives a consecutively annotations of a match or event that were made live according to the match situation. He made amazinglive broadcast, His explanations and comments about sports were normally avoiceover, with the voice of the deed and audience also got lot of impression by his voice while sitting in background. 


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