Mike Greenberg

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Mike Greenberg is a commentator on television, he also hosted some of TV programmed and radio shows and he also used to be a novelist. He was born as a member of a Jewish family and he graduated from school of Journalism whose named was Stuyvesant High School.

First of all he started his professional life from anchoring of sports and then he started professional reporting. He also used to do hosting of talk shows. Before entering into the profession of commentator, correspondent, he left his job of sport channel.

He is the anchor and host of ESPN's program named as Mike and Mike. The show of Mike is considered as the top ranked sports instruction talk curriculum in the United State. The bestselling books of Mike are named as “All You Could Ask For”, “Why My Wife Thinks I'm an Idiot”, and “Mike and Mike's Rules for Sports and Life.”

He is a resident of New York City, and he graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. At present He is living in Connecticut with his wife and he has two children.

“The poetics of city” is also one of his books, and in this energetic and perceptive book, he enlightens that the intention of cities and neighborhoods is to promote monetary, communal, and academic exchange. This book points the form of assessment. He is consistent to show in his book that how the thorough topography of the city can also restrain or cheer such connections and thus greatly shape the lives of the people who live there.

Another book of Mike named as “My Father's Wives”. In this novel he depicted emotional story of one man’s look for to recognize himself, his wedding, and his father. In his another book named as “All You Could ask for”, there is the astute story of companionship and feel affection for, disaster and revitalization, played out in the lives of three cherished women. He has two daughters named as Nicole Greenberg, Stephen Greenberg. When Mike Greenberg was first made to anchor the show of ESPN’s, he didn’t perceive it long-lasting for further than a week. And when by Golic named person, Mike Greenberg was called as alternate co-host, and then he has no interest in radio anchoring. At that time he was just hoping to acquire additional sports hosting. But then he proved himself in every field. At that time he used to anchor hundred Sports centers that is an immense amount in number, it was his professionalism and passion for work.

Sports fans are encouraging him for the past fifteen years and radio is going successful program of his life. No person can deny his success and love for work. In 2008 He anchored and gamed in myths Game at Stadium of Yankees and stadium of St. Louis in 2009. At Wrigley Field He came as “visitor conductors”, leading Cubs fans in the singing. His life is a great example for her fans and followers and his name in anchoring and writing can never be denied and forgotten.


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