Mya Harrison

Early Life and Education:

Mya Marie Harrison was born on October 10, 1979 in Washington, D.C. Her father, Sherman was an African American. He was a musician and a singer whereas her mother, Theresa was Italian American who worked as an accountant. After graduating from her high school at the age of 16, Mya took a few classes at the University of Maryland, College Park. She was interested in dancing since she was a kid, so she started taking lessons when she was only 2. She also took violin lessons throughout her childhood, but her primary focus was on dancing.  

Love Life:

Mya Harrison has got a romantic history with a long list of boyfriends. She dated Gucci Manne, Jay Z, Cam’ron, Silk. Also she dated Game in 2005 and in 2011 she dated DeSean Jackson. Although she has been in many relationships none lasted long enough to become her permanent choice.

Mya Harrison is a beautiful lady, who with her hot body and stunning looks can have anyone for her, but it looks like she wants to stay focused on her career for a while.


Mya Harrison started her career in 1998 when she made her recording debut with her self-titled album, featuring the singles "It's all about me". Before that she was appointed as a dance instructor. After her career in dance she diverted to singing. When her father realized that Mya has got a real talent for singing he started tutoring her and he put in every effort he can to make his daughter a successful singer.  Mya has worked hard to reach this level in her career. She has been a successful TV artist so far which is evident from her awards and achievements. In 2002, Mya won her first award; a Grammy Award in the category for Best Pop. Since then she has been nominated and has won numerous awards that serve as a symbol of her success.  


As Mya is a dancer and also a model she has got superb figure i.e. 34-24-36 inches. She has got a confident personality as a professional as well as an individual. Besides being determined towards her career she has got this soft place in her heart for those who need sympathy and empathy. Mya Harrison is a philanthropist who dedicates her time equally to the good causes.  

Net Worth: 

According to online estimates Mya Harrison’s net worth is supposed to be $6 Million that has allowed her to live her elegant lifestyle. Looking at her success it can be said that she is earning hefty amount every year.

Social Media:

Mya is active on social media networks. She has a huge number of fans following her on Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Her descriptive bio is available on Wikipedia and other sites as well. 


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