Nate Ruess

Nate Ruess was born on 26th February 1982 in Iowa city, Iowa, USA. He is a songwriter specializing in vocals and is a sampler. He has been active since the year 2001 to the current time.


Nathanial Joseph “Nate” Ruess is an American songwriter, musician and singer. He is a lead vocalist of Fun, an indie pop band and was the lead for Format. Currently, he also performs solo at times.

His early life

Ruess was born to Bess Zinger and Larry Ruess. He has an elder sister called Elizabeth. John Ruess, his uncle used to be a Broadway performer and he has been a big influence on the musical ventures of Ruess.

In the year 1986, Ruess and family moved to Glendale Arizona because of the pneumonia bouts that he faced during his childhood. He attended school at the deer valley High School and graduated in 2000. While at school, he played in bands and after graduating, he chose to venture into music professionally.

He claims he is not so much into taking lessons and the only way he felt he would learn was to put different kinds of music from people who were hard to mimic and try all the notes. He worked in a law firm as he pursued his musical career so as to support himself. 

At 19 years of age, the year 2001, Format was launched together with Sam Means, a longtime friend. This was the very first of his endeavors to gain attention far and wide.


After the Format’s formation, there was a release of five songs in demo and was titled EP. This generated local interest and at that time, Elektra records signed them up in the year 2002.their first studio album was titled interventions + lullabies and was released on 21st October, 2003. This led to more mainstream success locally. The fan base started growing and they released snails with the Atlantic records in 2005. Atlantic dropped them when they were working on the second album titled Dog Problems. They then created The Vanity Label and the album was released on 10th July 2006. Through his blog, he said they will not be another album and the group was broken.

After the split, Fun was created with Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff. The first studio album was called Aim and Ignite and it received positive reviews peaking at 71. On February 2012, they released a second album called Some Nights. This album was a huge success.

They got a Grammy award for We Are Young. Ruess has been a vocalist for many songs in different genres.

Rues the solo artist

On 5th February 2015, Fun posted a letter where they told their fans that they were not creating any new album but they had their own projects that they were pursuing as individuals.

When Fun was founded, the three of them were just coming out of other bands and the best thing about the band is the fact that they exist individually coming together to make collaboration. They said Nate was making a solo album.

Ruess said that sometimes you can get selfish with your songs and this is why he felt the need to write and sing for himself. He has had great success and all eyes are on him to see what he pulls next.


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