Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn was born on November 13, 1960 in Chicago. This actor became famous for his roles in comedies, especially Janitor on the NBC series Scrubs. By origin he is Irish and catholic. He attended Waukegan East High School and attended and graduate on Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. Steel today Randi maintains close contact with childhood friends. He was a member of the Speech team on university. Neil always remembers with pleasure of that time. 

He rejoiced to travel together with other members and have fun. He also participated in the reunion with team and met old friends. In college he played in performances for the first time. In the university he was encouraged to be an actress by director Richard Marriott and his professor, Collins Bell. According to him, he never regretted because he has chosen that profession. Early in his career he played in Chicago and became known for great improvisations. After that he moved to Los Angeles and started to play in the series Scrubs. The series depicts events at the hospital where Neil plays the janitor and constantly falls into trouble. This job brought him great fame and popularity. Neil's acquaintances have said that he has not changed a bit although he has become a star. An important role he got was in the set of The Middle. Although he is happy to play in series, he does not neglect movies. Yet he often says that he founds a home on television.

Neil has achieved significant roles in the film. His most famous films are Major League, Rookie of the year, The Fugitive, Baby’s Day Out, The fence, Chain reaction, To Sir, with Love II, Home Alone 3, Magnolia, The Right Temptation etc.

Neil proves that he is extremely talented actor. He has a great charm but also strong professionalism. Press reports indicate that Neil is among the best-paid actors in the world. For the last year he earned about 58 million dollars. Neil is also very successful in the financial flows. Over the years, he wise invested money into investments that made great profit. Now he is the owner of a restaurant chain mail in New York, the football team and he made his own brand of vodka. This year he leads in the race for person of the year of Time magazine. His fans are delighted with that outcome. Neil is already declared for “Citizen of the year” in his hometown, Chicago.

Neil's private life always attracts public attention. Many people speculated about his sexual orientation. Because Neil is not married, many assume that he is gay. However tabloids have discovered that he has long-term relationship with woman, and wrote stories that the couple is expecting a baby. There has also been speculation about his secretly wedding. He never wanted to confirm or deny. This story even more stirred the public and attracted more attention. Still more important is the attention he deserves for his outstanding acting and talent. Because of these characteristics he became one of the most popular in his field.


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