Pam Oliver

Pamela Oliver, best known as a broadcaster with an astonishing resume, has started her career back in 1985. Oliver started a news reporter at WALB (Albany, Georgia). After working for WALB for a year, Oliver left Albany and moved to Huntsville, Alabama, to work for another station, WAAY-TV.

Oliver has made several short stops before landing a more long-lasting position, with working for WIVB-TV, stationed in Buffalo, New York throughout 1988-1990, and moving to WTVT (Tampa, Florida) throughout 1991-1993.

Finally, Oliver made it to Fox Sports, in 1995, where she took a role of a sideline reporter, alongside Troy Aikman, as well as Joe Buck.

In 2005, Pam Oliver worked as a sideline reporter at TNT,  for their NBA Playoffs coverage.

Oliver’s career as an NFL sideline reporter ended 14th of July, 2014 when she joined the broadcasting team at #2 NFL.

Oliver’s educational and professional success was groomed at Florida A&M University, where she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in 1984, becoming a broadcast journalist.

The ambitious broadcaster has shown interest in sports as early as her high school education. She graduated from Niceville High School in Niceville, Florida, where she lived as a teenager. Oliver showed great talent for tennis, basketball and track and field.

Oliver’s sports accomplishments continued to her college education, where she became a college All-American in the mile relay as well as 400-meter relay.

Even though she spent most of her young life in Florida, Oliver’s origin goes back to Texas. She was born on March 10, the year 1961, in Dallas Texas. Because of her father’s career as a pilot in United States Air Force, she spends most of her childhood moving across the US. In fact, Oliver moved with her family many times, changing her residence from Texas to Michigan, and later Washington. Oliver also lived in California, before finally moving to Florida, where she completed her high school education.

Oliver remained silent to news press about being replaced by Erin Andrews on FOX, but experienced satisfaction with her previous career and gratitude for being given an opportunity to work alongside professionals and broadcast most important sports events.

Throughout her long career, Oliver hasn’t had any “spots” on her record and was praised for delivering good quality work. The only mishap for Oliver happened last year when she suffered a concussion while broadcasting, from being hit in her head by a football.

Oliver’s coworkers and members of her broadcasting team have stated many praises regarding her professional work. Sadly, online magazines and bloggers merely speculate she was being replaced at her job because of her age, race and looks. It is speculated that she has been replaced by Erin Andrews because she didn’t have the physical requires of modern TV. FOX has been criticized for alleged switch in its broadcasters to fit the image of young, white and blonde broadcaster, which has come to be increasingly popular on television. However, the integrity of Oliver’s career seems to be impossible to ignore, by her co-workers as well as publicity.


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