Patti Ann Browne

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Patti was born on September 10, 1965 in Bayside, Queens, New York. She has two sisters; one of them is her twin. At age 14, she was gravely ill with scarlet fever, and miraculously survived.

Being active, sociable and curious girl, she from an early age became interested in journalism, and got a bachelor's degree in Communications in Fordham University in New York City. Patti continued improving her skills in the New York Institute of Technology where she received a master's degree in Communication Arts. At the student years Browne was the vocalist of rock band «Blacklist» and at the same time was the chief editor of the school news program. During her stay in the city of Fordham, she was editor of the magazine "Alternative Motifs", and for four years worked for Newsweek Magazine.

For the first time on the TV screen Patti appeared in a program called «Mother's Day», in which she discussed the challenges of raising children. However, her first job as a television news reporter was in News 12. She worked on the channel a few years and has established herself as a good specialist and a professional in the field of journalism. She got great reputation from: report on the massacre that was committed by Colin Ferguson in the Long Island Railroad; report from the scene of the crash TWA Flight 800; a report on the investigation of World Trade Center bombing in 1993, and many other reports on actual and important issues.

While she worked as a reporter on Channel 12 News, Patti Ann Browne hosted morning shows on the famous musical radio station in New York WBAB. Also on this radio station from time to time she substituted news anchors.

After working at News 12, Patti becomes the anchor of morning show “Weekend Morning Line” on the channel MSNBC. Working in television network NBC, opened a lot of opportunities to her, including substitution of news anchors on channel CNBC.

In August 2000, after several years of work at NBC, Patti Browne continues her career on the Fox News Channel, where she has worked up today. On the channel Fox, she is an anchor of Fox News Live, hosts variety of different shows and hourly news on Fox News Radio.

According to the official website of Fox News, the most recent reports of Patti Browne were on: trial in Boston mobster James "Whitey" Bulger, plane crash Southwest Airlines Flight 345. Also Patti is one of the anchors morning show “Fox and Friends”.

Due to her outstanding success as a news anchor and TV shows, she has become a quite popular person. She has an excellent salary and her net worth reaches 3 million dollars. In addition, she has a lot of fans, for example the number of readers of her Twitter is 25 thousand and she has 72,000 visitors on Facebook.

As a person, she is a very beautiful woman, in her 50 years, she has a splendid figure 36-25-35 in inches, height five feet and 2 inches, weight 54 kg. Patty has a husband Mike, they have been married since 2004. Mike made a proposal to Patti after 7 months of dating, and soon after the marriage, in July 2005 they had a son. Patti keeps away from the press her private life, so it is not a subject of gossip and her marriage seems to be strong and happy. Besides Browne is a Roman Catholic, so that only strengthens her impeccable reputation.


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