paulo costanzo

Paulo Costanzo by profession is working as actor and director. He was born in Ontario, Canada on 21 September 1978 currently of 36 years of age and Virgo by zodiacs. He belongs to Italian family. His father by profession is artist while his mother is singer as well as song writer. She released her own album too. His early education started in Ontario in Mayfield Secondary School and Balmoral Senior Public School.

His acting career started at earlier age and he participated in high school in West Side Story. Has done many roles throughout and can be said that working career started in 1997. He acted in drama series Ready or Not, as his first TV role then continued to The Don's Analyst (1997),My Date with the President's Daughter (1998), Animorphs (1998-1999) (consisted upon 8 episodes) and many more.

The breakthrough which serve as the true popularity point for Paulo Costanzo was Joey, which ran for two years from 2004-2006.He has gain popularity since he work in comedy and made his big screen debut as Rubin(Road Trip), Road Trip was released in 2000 in which he did awesome job, after this he did role of Alexander Cabot III. From there, he went on to play Alexander Cabot III, the manager of the fictitious pop-rock band in a movie (2001). More roles followed, including playing opposite Josh Hartnett in 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002) for Miramax, and with Alicia Silver stone n the independent film Scorched(2003).

In 2004 with Joey, his good times started, costanzo also played the role in pussycats but this time it was not a success, he also did a part in drama “gypsy 83” in which his kiss is also depicted with a girl who played the role of mid western Goth.  He has a high profile on the Television,  great number of fan followers are always there to encourage and praise him for his utmost talent in acting. For his comedy acting, he has also won the award of best new comedy (2005).Paula has a net worth of $4 millions.

Many fans of him are unaware of the fact that is terrified of heights, in order to overcome this, he went skydiving as well. Moreover our comedy actor is colorblind, he can only see blue color,, he also had an accident in which he broke both of his legs! but with all these sufferings nothing has changed his life. He is a strong happy man who love to be happy and makes others happy too, his personality can win heart of many people.

Now I come towards  to his relationship status. Officially he hasn’t declared yet about his married life ,one of the fans says that he had seen Paulo in 2010 with his. There are also news which declare him as a gay but what the truth is nobody knows! for more information you can visit his twitter account,you can find his latest tweets there,enjoy reading about his personal life.


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