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Poppy Harlow full name is Katharine Julia Poppy Harlow. She was born in the year 1982 in Minnesota. She is a journalist and she is the reporter for Forbes.com and CNN. She works like an anchor for the CNN Newsroom on Saturday and Sunday. Before, she worked like the business correspondent at HLN, CNN international and CNN. She worked as an anchor for CNNMoney.com and she is a producer, reporter and video network anchor on Forbes.com.

Harlow was raised in Minnesota, she attended Blake School and she graduated cum laude in the year 2001. She went to Columbia University and she was a Phi Beta Kappa and graduated with magna cum laude in the year 2005 with the degree in the political science.

When she was still a student, she worked like an intern at the CBS and continued to work at the same station even after the graduation. She was an assistant producer for the CBS Newspath after the graduation. Harlow becomes the anchor and also the reporter for the NY1 News for the Local edition. When she was still working at NY1, she was in charge of the news beat about New Jersey and Staten Island which included the reports on the local politics, local cultural events and economy. Poppy Harlow was hired by Forbes.com Video Network and her area of coverage expanded to the business topics, fashion and entertainment.

Poppy Harlow had been named to be a CNN correspondent in April 2012 and she joined CNN in the year 2008, and anchored for CNNMoney.com.  She has interviewed many leading business figure and this included AIG CEO Hank Greenberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks. She had covered the events like Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, World Economic Forum of Davos in South under Southwest.

Poppy Harlow has been given the awards for the online investigative program and feature and also got SABEW for Best in Business award. Harlow is a fill in anchor for Richard Quest at CNN international.

Poppy Harlow was criticized when she showed sympathy for young boys who raped a sixteen year old girl. People signed the petitions asking the apology from CNN.

When it comes to private life, it is clear that Poppy Harlow is not yet married since there is no information about any boyfriend or a husband. She is still single and she concentrates more on her job. She is being given a good salary and she lives well but the exact amount has not been disclosed on any sources.

Poppy Harlow is good looking with the stunning measurement but her height and the measurement have not been recorded. However, her height is expected to be over 5 feet and some inches. She likes to wear the clothes that make her to be elegant, sleek, hot and beautiful.


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