Randi Kaye

Randi Kaye is one of the most famous journalists, reporters, in CNN. In the course of her career she has worked in several television stations and proved her great potential and talent. She won Emmy prize for investigation about black market infertility.

Randi Kaye is one of much esteemed American journalists, which predominantly dedicated to television journalism. She was born on November 19th 1967 in Florida. Her childhood was marked by the tragic suicide of her father. The cause of such an act was a depression. Randi took it very badly. As an adult she used many occasions to warn of the danger of this disease. She wrote articles about depression for Survivor Resources, the organization which provides support for family and friends affected by suicide. Randi attended Boston University and graduated 1989. Her professional orientation was broadcast journalism.

 Immediately after graduation, she got a job in ABC network. She worked at first for Nightline and after that Peter Jennings. In ABC network she spent five years and during that time she gained experience and became known for her creative work. After that she changed more jobs and moved from town to town. She worked as reporter in KATV in Arkansas, in WFAA TV in Dallas, KMSP-TV in Minneapolis and also WWOR-TV in New York. During the campaign of Bill Clinton, she followed the entire course and reported about it. Although this period was turbulent because of frequent relocation and changing of job, her career has progressed all the time.

 In December 2004, she was employed in CNN. She soon became one of the most recognizable faces of this channel. She started as reporter in Anderson Cooper 360°. Her new career at CNN began with reporting about the hurricane Katrina. Because of her reporting from the scene of the great damage caused by the hurricane, she gained a confidence of several millions audiences around the world. Randi covered many important events and showed good professional skills. Some of events are shooting in theatre nine in Aurora, attack on the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. She also anchored from Ground Zero in New York City the day Osama bin Laden was killed.  Her company has always shown great confidence for well-known journalist and gave her the hardest tasks. She is fast, professional, direct. She has all qualities that a top journalist should have.

 Randi is interesting in many things about politic and society. She persistently investigated problems in society and she won Emmy prize for one investigation. It was the investigation about black market infertility. She pointed in the coverage of the campaign of Barack Obama. It is known her investigation of legalization of marijuana in some US states. Randi Kay is one of the few well-known persons about whose private life we know almost nothing.

While she was always in the spotlight, she has managed to conceal her privacy very good. The public does not even know whether she is married and if he has a family. Her friends and acquaintances talk very nice things about her. It is also known that it is very involved in humanitarian work. He writes articles and helps to the organizations for the fight against AIDS, cancer, for animal protection, etc.


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