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American actor and sex symbol Richard Tiffany Gere was born on August 31, 1949 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother was Doris Ann (a housewife) and his father Homer George (an insurance agent).

His hobbies were gymnastics and music, and because of this, when he entered North Syracuse Central High School he became an outstanding student. Thanks to his results as a gymnast, he earned a scholarship for University of Massachusetts Amherst. He took advantage of this scholarship and enrolled to this University, where he studied philosophy. However, the philosophy has not been so exciting for him and Richard left the University after two years.

Strongly decided to develop his path as an actor, he in 1971 joined the Seattle Repertory Theatre, and played there in ­tragicomedy Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. In 1973, Richard Gere got his first major part in a musical Grease.

All those experiences in theatre came in handy when he started to appear in Hollywood movies. His first noticeable work as an actor was in 1977 in the Looking for Mr. Goodbar where he played Tony Lo Porto. During the 1970s, he also appeared in Report to the Commissioner (1975), Baby Blue Marine (1976), Bloodbrothers (1978), Days of Heaven (1979) and Yanks (1979). Most of his roles during that time were secondary, but he gradually developed himself as a professional actor, and waited on his major star role.

Finally, it happened in 1990, when he got leading roles in two films at once: Internal Affairs, where he played a suave womanizer Dennis Peck and Pretty Woman – a ­touching love story between successful businessman Edward Lewis­ and a prostitute Vivian Ward (played by ­Julia Roberts)­. This film exploded the film industry with enormous box office (460 million dollars) and gained to Richard Gere international popularity an­d a strong reputation of a sex idol. Also for this film, he was nominated on Golden Globe Award for Best Actor and magazine People named him as "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1999.­

In 90s, Richard was already a respected actor, he played in such well-known film­s as Sommersby and Runaway Bride where he again appeared with Julia Roberts on leading roles.

Richard Gere is a very handsome man, he has height 1.8 meters, beautiful eyes and charming smile. He also is a very wealthy person since his net worth was estimated to be about 250 million dollars. However, after his divorce with Carey Low&ell, she demanded a half of his money, so at this time net worth of Gere is about 100 million dollars.

As for his personal life, he had two wives. The first one was a supermodel Cindy Crawford. They have been married from 1991 to 1995. Then he found his next love, actress Carey Lowell. They have been in a close relationship for a long time before they married in November 2002. However, in 2000, they have already had their son, they named him Homer James Jigme Gere. They have been in marriage for 11 years, and separated in September 2013. So even such long and serious relationships could turn into nasty divorce, involving Manhattan Supreme Court in it.


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