Richelle Carey

Richelle Carey is famous news anchor, she was born in Texas on October 1976, her work with AL JAZEERA.HLN and KMOV makes her famous, her education history tells that Richelle is a degree holder in telecommunication, she went to Baylor university for her studies, after completing her education she came in the field of journalism and did an awesome job. Formerly she has also worked with HLN as an anchor and with Prime news broadcasting as a correspondent.

Here I will throw light on her career, how she started and from where she enter the door of fame. First of all it was at KPRC-TV from where she gave a start to career as an intern(KPRC-TV) situated in Houston, (Texas),with her hard work and talent Richelle was further promoted at the station as an Associate Producer. She shifted to work with HLN where her responsibility was to do coverage about women and children issues who were affected by violence. As her work was to do interviews of various women she personally develops the feelings for helping women (Later she did social work for women as well). During her career at HLN she interviewed women like Chaka Khan, Janet Jackson, and Mary J Blige. Famous program “What Matters” was also hosted by Carey where she spoke on various problems that prevails in black and white communities, Carey did all her efforts when she covered soldiers of 1st US cavalry, she is now working with AL JAZEERA where she started her career in 2013 as first news anchor.

Her age is 38 years, the  lady is a kind hearted person. She is a social worker as well as her mother also work for poverty affected teenagers as a nurse. She is on the highest steps of fame, she is loved by her fans, her popularity is increasing day by day due to her utmost talent. Carey is an American lady with 5.2 feet height.

Now let me tell few facts about her private life, she is a person who do not like to share her personal life in front of public, she have never spoken about her dating or any boyfriend till now but one thing is cleared that she is not married yet and does not have any children or husband, Carey is an attractive lady, she has a magnetic personality, through which many males are attracted towards her, moreover her fan following is due to her ability to handle and cover sensitive matters with talent. Whenever she spokes you are compel to listen her. Apart from her work as a journalist and anchor she is involved in various activities that are aimed for the well being of women and children. ”Men stopping violence” is a social group in which carey enjoys the position of vice president of board of directors,carey also work as a member in social organization” Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta”

Carey has great achievements awards like Emerging Journalist-Houston Association of Black Journalists and Emmy Award-Reporting Consumer Features at KMOV

You can estimate her fan following through various social websites like face book and twitter, where the “icon” is followed and liked by millions of fans! You can also see her latest photos which she upload through instagram.No doubt Carey is a strong and hardworking lady with concerns about humanity, her kindness and concerns wins the hearts of many people especially teenagers girls who are assaulted through sexual harassment. There is a lot of information about her bio on various sites.


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