Rob Marciano

The handsome Robert Mark, currently known as Rob Marciano was born on 25th June, 1968, in Glenville in Connecticut, he is American national but with a combination of Italian and German ethnicity. He is one of the most well known figures in American Television and industry. Rob is journalist, news reporter and one of the most popular meteorologists.

He attended the local school in Connecticut and went to Cornell University for Bachelor’s degree in meteorology. From his childhood days he has always been interested in the changes in pattern of weather, climate, wind, rainfall etc. As a result, this interest became his passion and he decided to take this line as his future career and occupation.

Like every other person who came to television industry, he also had to struggle a lot at the start of his career. In the beginning he used to work for several network stations at a time. At present he is the weather forecaster on CNN but he also had worked for KATU-TV and 750 KXL radio, located in Portland, Oregon. This hard work provided him a good job opportunity and he was hired by KPLC-TV in Lake Charles, Louisiana. In KPLC-TV, he was hired as the head and morning meteorologist. He worked with this channel for three years and then joined WVIT Connecticut 30. When Mark Steins resigned from his job, Rob was announced as the co-anchor on the same channel. This step by step success led him towards popularity; the show Entertainment tonight brought him fame. Along with the show he also used to cover weather new too.

Till now it’s been nine years he has been working for CNN. This needs lots of dedication and hard work. Because of his hard work he has been able to be in present position. His communication and verbal skills are unbelievable. He has been able to make fan followers of him in many of the social sites as well. He is not only talented but people are fan because of his appearance. The 5.10 feet height man is one of the celebrities with terrific personality and striking body features. With his dressing sense and style, he looks like candy in his shows. He has been featured in many of the top level magazines. There is no doubt that such a popular person must have impression net worth as well as good salary and pays, but in 2008 he was also caught drunk in public.

He is a married man, he got married in 2010 with the beautiful Eryn Marciano, and they’ve set an example of a perfectly happy couple who looks great together. They have mutual understanding; they share happiness and sadness with each other and seems like they are a happily married couple. They’ve also been blessed with a daughter. It’s because of their mutual understanding that they are still together although there have been a lot of rumors about Rob having many girl friends, also there have been few words about him being gay but nothing has been confirmed yet. Rob tries to keep himself away from such scandals and controversies.


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