Samantha Mohr

Samantha Mohr is a well known when it comes to weather forecasting on TV. Born in 1962, Samantha Mohr is an American meteorologist, who did freelance weather reporting on the popular Cable News Network (CNN). She is an icon to young people, especially females, who aspire to be successful in the same field.

She attended Lebanon Valley College, after which she proceeded to study at the University of Saint Thomas, Houston TX, After graduating from college , she worked with a couple of TV and radio stations in Houston before her career kicked off. Her story was an inspiration to others who ventured on the same career path. It showed her determination to achieve in spite of the odds being against her. Most persons viewed her determination as a source of strength, as she fought to attain that which many thought was impossible.

After working with NBC affiliate WXIA a few years ago, she returned to that station in June 2015. Other stations where she has worked were CNNi/ Headline news in Atlanta, KPIX in San Francisco, KRIV in Houston and KTVK in Phoenix.

The 53-year old has propelled her-self to a level in which she is a force to reckon with when it comes to weather report casting. Due to her prowess in news casting, she has been awarded Radio Television director award, EMMY award and AP award. These awards truly testify of her dedication to her job and appreciated her good effort at doing what she does best. Her freelance ability at weather forecasting and her powerful, effortless and vivid delivery are magnificent.

A true representation of beauty and brain, Samantha Mohr has a successful news casting career, and is indeed a beautiful woman. She has a slim and slightly tall body frame which she has effectively maintained over the years. Even before her news casting career, her beauty combined with her well utilized brain has opened doors for her. In 1985 she won the 'Miss Georgia' pageant at 23 years old. She also has a great sense of style, making it a delight every time she appears on the TV.

Although Samantha has never been married, she has graced the television as being a strong, career-driven independent woman. Her great confidence is attributed to her Christian background. Her family has a strong close relationship which has been the backbone of her successful career.

With her success, financially her net worth is said to be in hundreds of million dollars. Samantha Mohr has also been featured in a movie which was produced in 2009 entitled “The Taking of Phelham 123”. She played a minor role as a background weather forecaster, which she acted with sensational featured icon actor Denzel Washington.

Truly, Samantha Mohr is a role model in the forecasting industry for the young women who want to follow in her footsteps, with her beauty, poise and determination to succeed is a lesson they should cherish.


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