Shannon Bream

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Background history

Shannon Bream was born on 23rd December in the year 1970 at Tallahassee in Florida to Marie Norris, a teacher, and Ed Depuy, a county commissioner of Leon County at that time. Her birth name is Shannon Depuy. She does not have any brothers or sisters. She is five feet and seven inches in height and weighs about 60 kilograms.


Having been raised in Tallahassee, she attended the North Florida Christian High School located there and graduates in 1988. Later on, she joined Liberty University in Virginia and graduated with a degree in business. After earning her Business degree, Shannon did not stop there. She went back home in Tallahassee and attended the Florida University Law school. That makes her a lawyer and a trained business lady.


When Shannon was attending school at Florida University Law school, she undertook her internship training with the then Florida Congressman Bill McCollum in the House of Representative. After her graduation from Law school in the year1996, Shannon moved to Tampa and set her foot on her career. Her major concentration was focusing on the sexual harassment cases. However, Shannon did not practice law for too long.

 In 1999 she made up her mind to join the media industry. In 2000, she joined a TV station called WFTS-TV as an entry-level journalist. After serving there for quite some time, she proceeded to WBTV as a reporter and an anchor for some shows. Three years later, Beam moved to an affiliate of WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. called NBC, where she worked over the weekends as a weekend anchor.

Her career path to Fox News started when she came to know Brit Hume while working at WRC-TV channel, who was the managing editor of the Fox News channel and strongly encouraged her to present her audition tapes in the Fox News and also apply for a job there. She did exactly that and got a job in the year 2007.

Personal life

Shannon Bream is quite a fun person. Her beauty is simply incredible. With her looks, she was a model from a young age as a youth and participated in several beauty pageants, including the Miss Virginia pageant and has won several of them. For instance, Shannon competed in the Miss Florida USA pageant in the year 1995 and good enough she won the title. Later on in the Miss USA 1995, she competed in the pageant and was placed among the top 10 beauties, scooping the forth position. Her beauty is out of this world such that she is actually one of a small number very few women to have competed in the two national pageants and representing different states in both.

Shannon is married to Sheldon Bream, who is a brother of the retired Major League Baseball player known as Sid Bream. How did they meet? at Liberty University. Her husband and her appear to be in true love and living a happy life because there is hardly a record of disputes between them on social media. As of now, they have no children maybe it is the dedication and demand in their careers which has made them to make that choice. They are definitely living huge with their good salaries. Shannon’s net worth is estimated to be around 4Million dollars.


Shannon is a fan of social media platforms and has many followers. She even owns her own personal website. She updates her fans frequently and if you wish to know more about her, just follow her.

This outstanding beauty is just not a looker but she is what we call beauty with brains.


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