Shantel Jackson

Shantel Jackson is an American model and actress. She was born on July 28th 1984 as Shantel Christine Jackson.

So far, her modeling career involved a project on XXL magazine. Jackson played the role of Tanisha in a movie called “Freelancer”, which was released in 2012.

Jackson also appeared as a guest star in the reality show called “Ridiculousness”, as well as HBO Boxing.

Jackson’s current business project is related for fashion design, as she is developing her line of unisex clothing.

Jackson was born and grew up in Miami, Florida, United States, where she spent most of her childhood. She was born as a middle child in the family of five children. She is of mixed origin, with having a genetic background of African-American, Indian-American and Caucasian descent. She declares herself to be of an American ethnicity.

Jackson showed her interest in entertainment at very young age, as she enjoyed performing and staging

Jackson attended Technical Arts High School. After graduating from high school, she moved on to study entertainment technology. During this course she learned a lot about the process of film making, ranging from screen writing to the process of editing. This way, Jackson learned a lot about what goes on at the both sides of the camera.

Jackson later attended the Program called “Miami Dade”, on the University of Miami. During this program, Jackson has studied psychology and acting.

As she is still at the beginning of her career, Shantel Jackson has a lot to prove in order to establish herself as a serious actress. So far, she is best known for her relationship with the professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Rumor has it, the couple got engaged and close to getting married, when they suddenly ended their relationship. It is said that Mayweather actually accused Jackson to have aborted the pregnancy with his twin babies so she wouldn’t jeopardize her looks and career. Mayweather actually made a lot of their issues public, explaining his point of view on social media. In response to this, gossip had spread that Jackson moved on from this relationship with ease, and started new relationship with the famous rapper, Nelly. 

So far, it appears that Jackson is focusing most of her attention to her career. There is no record of her ever being married or giving birth to any children.

Even though this young, aspiring actress is working really hard to establish her acting skills, she is receiving most of media attention thanks to scandals revolving about her personal life and relationships. Latest news concerning Jackson revolve around her ex fiancé publishing pictures of her sonogram on social media  and putting her in the bad light, as due to her alleged abortion.


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