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Sheena Parveen is the 2013 winner of the best TV person in the weather section. The beautiful lady won the award while working as a meteorologist for the NBC,which is the fourth largest TV market in the country.

Sheena Parveen Biography and Profile details.

Sheena Parveen was born on the 23rd of May 1987. Though she has been brought up in America, her country of birth is India. She was brought up in a Christian way by her parents where they lived along the Florida Gulf Coast. Her Mother named Sherry was a computer programmer prior to her retirement and her father, Mike is a real estate employee.

With her education background, Sheena is a qualified broadcast meteorologist having been certified by the American Meteorological Society early in 2011. She graduated from the Florida State University, where she came out with a bachelors in Meteorology. Her dream to become a meteorologist was self-driven since her childhood where she speaks so vehemently, of how she used to stay by the windows to watch the thunders in the safety of her room. She was never afraid of, it rather she was fascinated by the thunderstorms and the clouds forming in different patterns.

After graduation, Sheena Parveen secured a job in Tallahassee, Fla at an affiliate of CBS known as WCTV where she worked as a reporter as well as a meteorologist. Later, in November 2009, she switched to work as the lead forecaster and the on-air meteorologist in the morning show program at WTVT which is an association of FOX founded in Tampa. Besides forecasting and air meteorology, she covered environmental related issues and was chosen to host the weekly show on pet adoption. She gained experience on the job and after just two years with WTVT she proceeded to the northeastern part of the United States at Philadelphia working for NBC. She has settled and advanced in her career since she joined NBC in 2011 up to now she is the key weather forecaster for presenting at 1100 and 1700 in the NBC 10 news. It was here that she won the best TV meteorology person 2013.

She is a very private person and she is not one to have her relationship as an open book to the media to read. And therefore the information on her relationship status is not as rich,but incidentally she is married. She lives in Philadelphia. And enjoys her free time with her two pets, Max and Bella, her favorite dogs. Her earnings range among those of the best TV personalities, but still she maintains her humble and pleasant personality

She currently lives in Philadelphia with no reports on her family life. She has kept off a wiki account, but she is on Facebook and Twitter where her fans can find her. If you are an Instagram person you definitely will find her on Instagram. At only 5’2” it is safe to say that her worth is not proportional to her height where she is worth more than $3 million according to estimations made in 2014.


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