stephen belafonte

Stephen Belafonte is a well known face of Hollywood was born on 18th May, 1975 in USA, he is son of Thomas Stansbury, who was black in ethnicity but an American national. During his school years he changed his second name from Stansbury to Belafonte. From his schools days he was interested in film industry. After completing his schooling he attended the Loyola Marymount University and completed his graduation in 1997. After completing his studies he joined the entertainment industry. As he has dreamed not only of becoming a famous actor but also a director, that came true and at present he is a successful actor plus director.

His career started with the movie titled Thank you for Smoking, released in 2005. His acting was admired by audiences and critiques. In year 2009 the next movie named as The bad Lieutenant: Port of Call, released. He was the producer of that film.

It is said that before joining the film industry he had faced a lot of hard time and tough situations. He had to struggle for earnings and to get a good job. He has done jobs with many organizations and companies as well as done small jobs like that of a waiter and dish cleaner. But he is so dedicated and passionate person that he never gave up on hard work and never lost hope. And that hope bought him his golden chance to work in movies where he got success and fame both and today people admire him for his acting skills.

At present he is not only an actor but a producer and director too. He is not only admired and appreciated for his talent but he is also regarded as one of the handsome and sexy man of Hollywood. He is well built, with strong muscles and figure and a height over six feet. His muscular figure gives him a sexy look, and he is very concerned about his physique. He has maintained his figure with daily work outs, exercises and a balanced and healthy diet.

Although he likes to keep his personal and professional lives apart from each other. But there are many rumors about him being involved in multi relationships. He got married to Nancy Carmell in 1997, but their marriage didn’t work out quite as well and both got divorced in 1999. Later on he became friends with Melanie Brown, whom he met on the set of movie called Talk. They had been in relationship for seven years and finally they both decided to marry each other in 2007. They are a happily married couple and parents of a daughter too.

Stephen likes celebrating his birthday with full fun and glamour, every year on May 18, he celebrates his birthday with his family and friends. There is a misconception amongst the audiences and fans that Stephen and Harry Belafonte are related to each other as they both have the same second name. But this is just a rumor and they both are not related to each other.More information can be found on wiki and from his facebook and twitter accounts.


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