Steve Doocy

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Steve Doocy was born in the year 1956, he is a well known figure and he works on the American television. He was born in Iowa and now he works on fox news. He is a co-host of the Fox and Friend programs together with Gretchen and Brian Kilmeade. He is tall and he has the height of over six feet. He is hardworking and a multi-talented person.  He does not work only like an anchor but he is also the commentator, author and a journalist.  Even when he was still young, he was interested in doing something related to the journalism. The family was in support of him and this is what made him to attend the University of Kansas where he wanted to pursue his own dream. He got a degree in the Journalism and he started a career at WCBS-TV and CBS in New York. He was in charge of hosting many shows and programs in many channels. He had a show called Wake Up America that was a popular show at that time.  This show was taking place during the morning at CBS TV station. He got an Emmy Award at WRC Washington Dc for his winning feature award.

Steve Doocy is an author and he has written two different books and the two books became the best sellers.  The first book was called Mr and Mrs Happy and it was based on a family and the second book called The Tales from Dad. It was a hit at once and it is up to now. It was teaching about the behavior of father in an elegant way. It hits the right cord at once and many people are looking for it. He has the net worth of over 2 million dollars and the salary of 500,000 dollars every year.  It is said that he worked like a TV presenter for more than twenty years by now.

When it comes to his personal life, Steve Doocy is married and he talks about the relationship with his wife in his books.  His wife’s name is Kate Gerrity and they met while in Washington DC TV station since they both worked there.  They were in relationship for six months and they decided to get married. Their marriage is now over 25 years and even if there were the rumors about divorce but they were proven to be wrong. They have two children together and one of their children, a son called Peter Doocy is also a famous anchor.  Everyone say that he resembles too much to his father Steve.  At his age Peter had already become successful. There are people who say that Steve acts as a stupid person while on the TV because of the comments he makes. There were also rumors that he was fired but this is not true.


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