Stuart Scott

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Stuart Scott became a prominent figure on ESPN because of the success in how he was original in his reporting and hard work. He had the capacity of relating to the younger generation and he incorporated the voice in the night telecast that increased the viewers at a high rate. He was able to make himself a place at the top on the sports casting because of his unique flair, genuine love of the sports and the distinctive style.

Stuart Scott had been born in the year 1965 and he developed the interest in sports when he was still young. While growing up, he was not more into watching the football but while in the high school, he was an athlete running the track and played the football. When he was about to enter into the college, he was being recruited by small football teams and he turned all of them down. Scott had big plans and he enrolled in North Carolina University and he had the dream of becoming a member of the varsity team. Such dreams did not reach any where since he had the injury of the eye and he has to keep of the field for all his life. Even when he was not able to play, he still loved the sports and he went for sports broadcasting. It was a way of staying closer to the sports. He finished the school in the year 1987 and got a Bachelor of Arts degree in the speech communication and started the broadcasting business.

At the beginning, Stuart Scott was working in small network before he got a major break into a large cable media outlet. He has written the article called for Black Enterprise and he was reflecting on how he started in this career. He went to many networks for the interviews but he was not given the job because they said he did not have the experience needed.

At the end, he got the job at WPDE-TV for weekend sports anchor. Stuart Scott was found out to have cancer and he had to fight the re-bouts time to time until he died. He was suffering appendiceal cancer and it was diagnosed in the year 2007 and even if the appendix was to be removed, the diseases returned and after 4 years. Stuart Scott  wife is Kimberly Scott, they got married since 1993 and they divorced in the year 2007. They had two daughters. After the divorce, his girlfriend was Kristin Spodobalski until the death.

Even if his salary at ESPN was not disclosed, it is believed that he died with a net worth of over 15 million dollars. He was a loved sportscaster and every demographic was able to relate to him. He had a telecasting that was recorded to be used in the basketball games. He made cameo appearance in the music video and movies.


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