Tamra Cantore

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At the age of 40, Tamra Cantore was told that she is suffering Parkinson’s disease. After the diagnosis, she continued to keep a busy life for some years and she continued to be active mother and wife at the same time sports fanatic and telecommunication executive. After some years, her disease became a part of her life since the disease is degenerative and chronic. When she was diagnosed, she took such life changing reality like a challenge but not something to block her.

During 2000, she became the founder of the Team Cantore and she has a mission of making awareness about the Parkinson’s disease and a need to increase the funding for the research. She says that the research is the only way that the cure of such illness can be found and the progression of the disease may be stopped.

Tamra was a Director of the Operation for The Weather Channel. She had been working in the Atlanta.  She is active in finding the cure for the Parkinson’s Diseases by throwing away the annual fundraising concerts in the Atlanta and she attends the Parkinson’s Unity Walk that takes place in Central Park of New York.  

In the 1997, she was misdiagnosed and she was diagnosed when she was about to turn 40. It was the 14th year of her diseases.  When the children were nine and seven, she got to know that they were suffering the Fragile X Syndrome. Few years later, she went through the divorce.  When she passed through such horrific circumstances, she did not stop but she used them as the motivation so that she may life a fuller and a better life.

She had to stop her hobby which was the sport since she has no longer the energy. She is not able to do things that she liked to do especially with the children and she is the first person to talk about her experience.  When her marriage came to the end while the disease also took away the career she had like the executive on Weather Channel, she continued to be proactive and positive.  She started to promote the event that can help her and other people who suffer the neurological disease. She is in contact with the organizations on national level to organize the fundraising which she thinks will support her effort better.

Her foundation, Team Cantore had aligned itself with Michael J.Fox foundation and Parkinson’s Unity Walk. She had been able to rise up to $550,000 for the research of Parkinson’s disease. Tamra had been a mentor and a friend to many people.  She is determined to live the life to the fullest. She is the wife to Jim Cantore and they met in TWC. The marriage led to a daughter Christina born in the year 1993 and she had a son called Ben. They divorce in the 2009. Jim supports charitable works for the two diseases.  Her husband also spends time for the Make A Wish foundation.


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