Tom Bergeron

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Tom Bergeron is a popular person and he is loved by many people. He has appeared in different game shows and many people love his work. He is well known as a game show host. He was born in 1955 and at his age, he has got everything that he set himself to achieve. He got everything that he wanted and he is considered to be a successful man. He is of American nationality and was born in Massachusetts, a place called Haverhill.

Tom Bergeron started to work in the field from the year 1981 but he had not got an easy journey.  After struggling for a long period, he was able to get his rightful place in the television. He was the host of many popular TV shows and everybody likes him because of his professionalism and outstanding work.

In 2001, he became the host of the America’s Funniest Home Video and the work he did was acclaimed and also loved by many viewers. In the year 2005, he had the opportunity of hosting a huge dancing show known as Dancing With the Stars and he was able to take advantage of his chance. Hosting the show has helped him to be a huge success and it improved his standing in his career. Up to now, he continues to be the host of Dancing with the stars and its producers are having a hard time finding the person who can replace him when he decides to quit.  He was also the host of Hollywood Squares since 1998 until 2004.

He is a married and he lives with his wife together with children in California. He has been able to earn enough money, appreciation and fame. His net worth is over 12 million dollars and this shows how much he was able to succeed.  His salary is believed to be over 800,000 million US dollars and this is why he is counted among the top paid television hosts.

His wife is Lois Bergeron and they got married in the 1982 after being a couple for some years. The two are being strong and they are not planning anything such as divorce. They have two children who are Samantha Bergeron and Jessica Bergeron. He is a caring father and he is always serious when it comes to the matters that are related to the family.

There were some speculations that he may gay but it was found out that they are just baseless information that were spread about him. His height is of 5 feet with 9 inches and he is of 175. He is a calm man, well spoken and he is gentle.  He is active on social media and his fans follow him on Facebook and Twitter. However, he never uploads shirtless pictures on his accounts.


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