tom glavine

Tom Glavine is one of the famous persons in sports; he is living a well satisfied life now a days . He is famous throughout the world for his achievements  and awards .In a life time of 40+ he is more than successful. Tom Glavine was born in 1966. He was born in Concord, Mass on 23rd March. He spent his childhood in Boston. At school level he actively participated in games and was always successful. In high school Tom enthusiastically participated in ice hockey and baseball. He was also a talented student who always achieved higher grades in the school. National Hockey League in 1984 selected him owing to his utmost capabilities as a player. But he went for Baseball when he was given chance in the same year. Tom is now living as the famous American baseball player; he played for major league baseball for Atlanta Braves.

In his first several years of career as a baseball league team member he faced mixed results; he was victorious in certain round while he also faced a loss performance in few of the rounds. It was in 1991 when his career got a turn and his good days started in the field of baseball. In 1991 he won 20 games and in the same year he got the award of National League CY Young Award.  Glavine, Maddux and Smoltz all three players formed the best pitching rotations in the baseball history. In this hall of fame three of them also win awards due to their high level of understanding on the pitch. June 27, 2007 proved one of the best days in Tom’s life when he achieved high level of successful award series.

Glavine come back to Braves in 2008 but unfortunately he got his first arm injury and then ultimately in the next season he got arm surgery. This resulted in the ending of his baseball career; this was a misfortune for him because at that time he was enjoying best of his career times. He was one of the active pitchers in majority of the Leagues. This was all about Tom Glavine as a baseball player.

Now in reference to his personal life Glavine also served as a spokesman for Volunteers of America program. This program was named as Operation Backpack. Glavine participated with full zeal in this program which was aimed to help poor homeless children with their school supplies. Glavine also supported Rally foundation which targeted children who suffer from cancer. This foundation supported them through money.

Another effort by Glavine was through the released of charity wine named as Cabernet Glavingnon. This was also aimed to help children who had cancer. Four years back Glavine was a color commentator for Braves.Glavine is divorced to Carri Ann Dobbins  Glavine is living a peaceful life with his wife Christine and five children. They adopted one of the children making a happy family of seven. The adopted blue eyed child has made their family bond more stronger .Tom Glavine is a soft-hearted person who loves to help humanity. Glavine is a humble person, he is satisfied with his career and personal life. He achieved various awards and won heart of many children for whom he raised funds through various programs.


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