Troy Aikman

Troy was an American football quarterback. He played in the national league for Dallas Cowboys. Troy was able to participate in n12 seasons consecutively with the cowboys as a quarterback. In the career he had, he stood as a 6 time pro bowl selection and he also led his team into 3 super bowl victories, he was also super Bowl XXVII MVP. In the year 2006, Troygotinto the pro football hall of fame while on 9th December 2008; he was added to college football hall of fame in the city of New York.

Troy has been very successful and today, he is with the Fox network where he is a television sportscaster. He also used to be an owner of NASCAR sprint cup series which is a racing team, Hall of Fame racing together with Roger Staubach who is a former cowboy’squarterback and he also partly owns San Diego Padres.

He was offered a contract by the New York Mets out of school but he wasn’t into baseball and p0ursued football instead. He went to Oklahoma University under BarrySwitzer, the head coach.

His very first season as the collegiate starter was in the year 1985 where he was able to lead Sooners to win over Minnesota, #17 Texas and Kansas State in red river shootout before they got to host Miami hurricanes and jimmy Johnson, his future coach.

His professional career in sports stated on 1989 where he was the number one in the overall pick within the NFL draft. Tom Landry was fired in 1989 by Herry Jones and he was replaced with jimmy Johnson. Sometime late in the supplemental draft of NFL, Walsh was drafted by Johnson because he had played in university of Miami. It was here that Troy got the quarterback job. This led to Walsh being traded earlier than planned in the season of 1990.

His career started with a loss, 28-0 to New Orleans saints. He quickly rose and made his forts touch down a week after this. He got a record 0-11 as a starter. He was headed for the stars. His career kept getting better and better with each year that past and he also broke many records on the way.

In the off season of 2001, Troygot waived just a day before he could get the $70 million 7 year contract extension. He then announced that he would be retiring on 9thAprilwhen he couldn’t find a team he could join. He left a legacy with his best moments being in the 90’s. Some of his records have been smashed and he is number 3 today trailing Peyton Manning and tom Brady.

In a radio interviews however, Troy claims that the reason for his retirement was because he had some persistent back issues that were clear during the final season. He had had back surgery but the constant pain made him hung his boots.


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