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Victor L. Williams is a 45 years old professional American actor. He was born on the 19th of September back in 1970. He comes from Brooklyn which is the most populated borough of New York City, located in the United States of America. His career has been active ever since 1996 up until present days. He is a well-known comedian who has a net worth $2 million.

Early life and education

As far as his early life goes, there is not much publically disclosed and known information. He was born in Brooklyn and he went to the Midwood High School. He took advantage of his incredible height of 6 feet and 6 inches and he was a power forward on the basketball team of the school. Later on he went to the Binghamton University located in the Upstate New York. He got his master’s degree of Fine Arts in acting from the New York’s University.

He has always had a passion for acting and his education path is the proof of it. One of his earliest appearances on the stage included some films like The Preacher’s Wife where he starred as Robbie. This was all the way back in 1996. He also appeared as a policeman in the TV series Law & Order and he played the role of Russell in Cop Land. Both of these were filmed in 1997.

Professional career

His professional career took off somewhere around that time and he portrayed the character of Leon in the TV series called The Jamie Foxx Show back in 1998. He played the husband of Carla – Roger in the TV series ER. He stayed there for 3 seasons all the way from 1998 to 2001.

However, Williams is most famous for his role alongside famous comedian Kevin James in the TV series The King of Queens. He starred in the show for 9 seasons from 1998 all through 2007. He portrayed the character of Deacon Palmer, who was best friends with Kevin James’s character Doug.

Later on, Williams would star in the Flight of the Conchords once again palying a Police officer. He also played the role of Phil on popular TV Series Fringe. His most recent activities include playing Todd in The Michael J. Fox Show as well as an appearance on the movie Hungry Hearts. He also got another police role – he portrayed the character of Detective Jeffries on the criminal TV series The Affair back in 2014.

Personal Life

Unfortunately, even though he was part of one of the most funny TV series in the United States of America, his personal life isn’t exactly fun. Being 45 years old, Williams is still not married even though he planned to be. He had a long term girlfriend – Karen Pittman. It was almost certain that she was going to become Victor’s wife, especially after she gave birth to their daughter. However, even though they had big plans for their special day, they would eventually break up and the all the plans and preparations were respectively cancelled. There are many rumors surrounding the current personal life of Williams, but it’s likely that almost none of them are true.


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